Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can You Ear Me Now?

Now you can dress up your cell phone and all your other electronic devices with reproductions of classic paintings such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night. (And none too soon, I might add.) Van Gogh painted Starry Night (and close to 150 other oils) while hospitalized in St. Remy in 1889, following the cutting-off-of-the-ear incident in nearby Arles. (By the way, two German art historians recently said they now believe it was actually Gauguin and not Van Gogh himself who sliced off the famous ear.) The original Starry Night hangs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York while Van Gogh's room at the hospital  St. Paul de Mausole in St. Remy is beautifully preserved and open to the public. The Van Gogh cell phone skins cost about $8 and may or may not come with a free matching "wallpaper" skin for your laptop. To see all the styles and to order, click here. 


  1. That is hilarious, Julie. Great find!--Rona

  2. haha what a great find! this is one of my favorite paintings

  3. An artsy person needs an artsy skin for their phone. I like this better than glued rhinestones.

  4. That is fantastic. My DIL would love it.

  5. Julie, I love Van Gogh's Starry Nights and to be able to see it on your cell phone everyday is cool. It certainly would set your phone apart from everyone else.

    We've toured St. Paul de Mausole as well as Van Gogh's room. The grounds are gorgeous, especially in the spring when the iris are blooming.

    We spend two months in St. Remy in a house on Marie Gasquet, which dead ends into St. Paul. Visitors walked by our house everyday following in Van Gogh's footsteps on the Tourist Bureau's tour.

    I'm fascinated by the idea that Gaugin cut Van Gogh's ear. I wonder if it's really true.

  6. A cheap way to bring a little culture to our youths. Much better than a Snoop Dog's skin I must say...

  7. So Miss Julie, my question is did YOU get one????????I think it's cool....I may look into Starry Nights.......Maryanne xo



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