Advertising on couldn't be easier!

SIZES: I offer two sizes. Small ads are 20€ per month. They're 220 pixels (wide) by 76 pixels (high), which looks like this:
Large ads are 30€ per month. They're roughly 220 pixels (wide) by 190 pixels (high) and look like this:

FORMATS: I can use JPG, GIF, or PNG files.

LINKING: Your ad will be linked to whatever website or web page that you choose.  Change it at any time. 

PAYMENT: No contract is necessary--it's month by month. I prefer payment by PayPal but checks are fine too. I bill every two or three months. Sometimes I forget and four months go by. You may pay in any currency that suits you: dollars, euros, pounds, sheckles. It's all good but I prefer euros. PayPal converts so that's no problem. 

BONUS: For every six months you buy, I'll give you a free month.  

DESIGN: If you don't know how or don't want to design your own ad, I've made arrangements with the following designers to create creative, eye-catching ads at a low, one-time price for my advertisers. Then the ad is yours to use wherever and whenever you like. 

Kate Caprari
$50 per ad
Three Square Design

Nancy Karamarkos
$50 to $75 per ad
New York City

Jason Siegel
35€ per ad
Jason + Company
Paris, France

DESIGN TIP: The most successful ads seem to be those with minimal type and a strong yet simple graphic design. Please, if you use a white background, put a thin rule or border around the ad.

QUESTIONS? Drop me a note: Thanks! -- Julie


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