In June, 2016, was named one of the Top Ten English Blogs in France. And then, we were named on the same list again for 2017. And we're on other "top blog" lists here and here and here. We couldn't be more delighted! Since 2008, we've worked hard to bring you the freshest, juiciest, most- local news: some of it serious and (hopefully!) useful, some of it just frivolous, Frenchie and fun. The blog continues to grow on a weekly basis.

Unlike other blogs (ahem), there is no pay for play on Provence Post. We write what we write because we think you'd enjoy it...not because we're being paid to do so. The ranks of blogs like ours are dwindling as more and more online publishers choose the path of "native advertising" and "content marketing" rather than journalism. We like journalism and we're sticking with it. And the ad you buy makes that possible.

Many of our advertisers have been with us for many years, some since almost the very beginning. They believe an ad on Provence Post is money well spent, a good return on investment.

So why not join us as an advertiser and see what we can do for your business or brand? Here's an idea: take one month free. That should give you an idea as to whether or not we're a good fit; if you decide we're not, then we'll simply take the ad down. No worries! gets roughly 25,000 page views per month. But as we all know, it's not so much "how many" as it is "who." Our readers live in, travel to, own homes in or are planning to visit the South of France in the near future. Or, they're simply passionate Francophiles who love to keep in touch.

Advertising on couldn't be easier.

SIZES: I offer two sizes. Small ads are 20€ per month. They're 220 pixels (wide) by 76 pixels (high), which looks like this:
Large ads are 30€ per month. They're roughly 220 pixels (wide) by 190 pixels (high) and look like this:

FORMATS: I can use JPG, GIF, or PNG files.

LINKING: Your ad will be linked to whatever website or web page that you choose.  Change it at any time. 

PAYMENT: No contract is necessary--it's month by month. I prefer payment by PayPal but checks are fine too. I bill every two or three months. Sometimes I forget and four months go by. You may pay in any currency that suits you: dollars, euros, pounds, sheckles. It's all good but I prefer euros. PayPal converts so that's no problem. 

BONUS: For every six months you buy, I'll give you a free month.  

DESIGN: If you don't know how or don't want to design your own ad, I've made arrangements with the following designer to create creative, eye-catching ads at a low, one-time price for my advertisers. Then the ad is yours to use wherever and whenever you like. 

Kate Caprari
$50 per ad
Three Square Design

DESIGN TIP: The most successful ads seem to be those with minimal type and a strong yet simple graphic design. Please, if you use a white background, put a thin rule or border around the ad.

QUESTIONS? Drop me a note: Thanks! -- Julie


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