Saturday, July 24, 2010

Provence All Over the Web...

I've seen lots of great Provence and France articles online during the last month or so. And because I live to please you, dear reader, I've collected some of the best.  Here you go...enjoy!

In the New York Times, Eric Asimov rated 20 rosé wines from Provence. Read all about it here.

The Times also featured a great piece about the Luburon.

Have any of you tasted Andrea Calek's wines? I haven't but would love to.

Is Cassis the new St. Tropez? See what the Telegraph says here.

Peter Mayle tells what he loves about Provence, in the Telegraph, here.

Jancis Robinson writes about wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon, which is technically of course not Provence but close enough for me.

Not for the casual biker: cycling the Gorge du Verdon.

Here's a feel-good article about people Collecting plastic debris from the sea.

Reuters reported that two French lawmakers have presented a bill to ban bullfighting.

The Wall Street Journal featured a short, sweet remembrance of the author's first attempts to speak to the Frenchman who later became her husband. Read it here.

Here's a nicely done diary of a birders' trip to Provence...

And one about visiting Cezanne's studio in Aix.

Finally! A tour operator that understands that not every traveler wants to be on the bus by 8 a.m.! Go here.

Starbucks is adapting to local tastes in France.

The Guardian ran a helpful guide to Summer in French cities including Arles, Avignon, Marseille and Nice.

In a book review/essay, the Financial Times calls the Gard "the secret South of France." Read it here.

OK, this one isn't about Provence but it's cool anyway: Glamorous camping (glamping!) in the Loire Valley.

Also from the Guardian, the ten best flea markets in France.

Exploring the perched villages of the Riviera.

Interested in real estate? The New York Times has a lovely house for sale between Arles and Avignon (1.2 million euro) and discusses the property market in the Bouches du Rhone today.

The Olive Oil Times (who knew?) ran a nice feature about Marseille and the history of olive oil.

If you're a rock climber or would like to be, here are some of the best spots in the region.

Market day in Aix...

Provencale Pizza from the Huffington Post...

What do you think happened when Carol Drinkwater tried to turn her French olive grove organic? Read all about it here.

Don't live in Provence? Pretend you throwing this Provencale-style dinner party, complete with the right drinks, music, etc.

Here's an update on the Provencale winery that hired all those famous architects.

How about some tips for making your trip to France more affordable? Go here.

Want to see Jerry Hall in a swimsuit? Sure you do.

Finally, Brad and Angela are reportedly looking to buy a vineyard now that the lease on their Provencal chateau is almost up. Meanwhile I swear I saw them at Aldi the other day, buying cheap tequila and off-brand cat food...

Photo by Tony Cenicola/The New York Times


  1. Thank so much! The links are great, I love Provence too and following your blog I can travel every day.

  2. Dear Julie, what a great idea! And lots of work from your part, too!
    Thanks so much, and congratulations on such a great blog.

  3. Thanks so much for all these links. I think I'm going to be staying home for the next two days..dreaming. Love your Provence, love your blog.

  4. Wonderful post! I've linked it to my facebook account and twitter.

  5. Thank you so much for all the great articles about Provence! I wish I could be there this summer, but it will have to wait til next year! Something to look forward to....Trish

  6. Thanks Julie, I've read some of these but you've done all the work for us. Now that I seem to be an official "tour guide" this is all great information. We just had our first mistral fed fire last night down near Carry le Rouet. Scary. It's offically the dog days of summer!

  7. Omigoodness - what an amazing compilation. Merci! Especially since I STILL haven't made it down for a visit to Provence - I have to plan my getaway maintenant!

  8. Hi there, i really like your blog, i was for 7 years in Canada (Montreal) and i'm back to my town "Cassis".

    I would like to share a video i have made of the 14 july fireworks in Cassis, here is the link...enjoy!

    "si adessias" = goodbye in Provençal language.

  9. I found you through Miss Footloose and have some things in common with living in France, then the expat life in different countries. I was on a barge on the river Lot and just tasted a wonderful meal at Le restaurant du vieux pont in Belcastel. I also lived in Belize for a year with my family. Love to travel.

  10. OOH! I know what I will be doing while drinking my cafe tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the links Julie!!!xo Maryanne

  11. Julie thanks for such a great compilation of stuff to read and perchance dream!!





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