Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Love Paris When It....

Isn't this great? This Paris Snow Globe print by artist Clare Owen is $20 plus shipping from her shop on Etsy. For more about Clare, see her website  and blog.


  1. J, I was just thinking about snow globes yesterday...and I always think of Paris. This is adorable; a little treasure. Thanks for telling us about this artist's work. Happy holidays! xo, Susan

  2. I'd like the painting AND a real snow globe like that. I have a snow globe ornament on my tree - not from Paris - and my mom tried to get me to give it to her until I pointed out that it had MY NAME on it! (It's a personalized ornament.) LOL!

    : )

    Happy Holidays, and have a wonderful 2011!

    - Cynthia

  3. Hi Julie!
    One day to go!!!!!!These are awfully cute snow globes.......
    Likeem a lot! Hapy Holidays!
    Maryanne xo

  4. I am in love with your blog. Every entry is a little treat for my day. Keep up the great work!



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