Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1,000 Restaurants in Michelin Spring Promo

Yesterday Michelin launched its springtime promotion called Printemps du Guide Michelin. Until June 21, approximately 1,000 restaurants in France will be offering specially priced menus, events such as gourmet workshops and cooking classes and discounts on both fixed-price menus and à la carte dishes. The specials are available to anyone who presents the Pass Printemps.  

Many restaurants have also added surprises for customers such as signed menus, a free glass of Champagne or the chance to dine in the kitchen.

The list of participating restaurants and their offers are posted hereMeanwhile, there are two ways to get the Pass.

The Pass Privilège is inserted into copies of the 2011 Michelin Red Guide to France, commonly known as the Guide Rouge.  This pass is also available via the “Restaurants du Guide Michelin France 2011” iPhone app and the Nokia OviCartes app. The Pass Privilège is good until June 21.

Or, you can get a Pass Découverte, valid until April 21, by downloading it free here

The Pass Découverte is also inserted in the Paris, Lille, Marseille/Aix and Lyon editions of A Nous magazine and is available in more than 400 tourist offices throughout France

Both Passes--Découverte and Privilège--are valid for two people and can be used and reused in all participating restaurants. To get the special, simply show the pass upon arrival at the restaurant.

Reservations are required for gourmet workshops and recommended for all other Printemps specials.

Another new addition to the program this year is a smart phone application that enables users to locate nearby restaurants. Meanwhile if you use the pass and have a great experience, please let us know! For more info: printempsduguidemichelin.fr.


  1. Thanks Julie, I've been meaning to do a cookery class with Jean Luc Rabanel in Arles and its €20 less with the Michilin Pass. With the money I've saved I can fly to London with Ryanair and meet my friend Vikki who is coming in from LA!

  2. Thanks, J, for another great idea. I'm getting my free pass and I'm going to make sure I'm in Paris by June 21! It's worth the flight. Isn't it?

    -Mark Craft

  3. Oh! if only I lived closer - but fun to dream about and great for those living in or visiting La Belle France.

  4. Hey Julie. Very cool! Just in time for our arrival!! Mille merc'. Kit



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