Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Talented Tartelette

Check out the beautiful blog Tartelette produced by Marie-Helene Dujardin. Born and raised near Aix-in-Provence, Helene (as she refers to herself) has been living in Charleston, South Carolina since 1998. She launched Tartelette (it's a family nickname) after leaving her restaurant pastry-chef job and today makes her living as a food writer, stylist and photographer. Her first book,  a how-to guide to digital food photography called Plate to Pixel, hit bookstores on May 1st. You can order it direct from the publisher Wiley or find it on Amazon here.


  1. Bonjour Julie - the entries have already closed to enter the give-away book but the blog-site is amazing! Helene is definitely a foodie with a passion for good produce cooked well!

  2. I needed this book yesterday and to have mastered it by today. Am off to interview chocolatier Joel Durand de Saint Remy!

  3. What a great name, The Talented Tartelette! Best of luck to her.

  4. What fabulous photographs. I'm so happy to know about this amazing woman. You always find such good stories. Beverly

  5. Beautiful images, wow. Full of life.
    The promo video her friend made for the new book is great, too. Check it out. Thanks for sharing this, Julie.

  6. Love this blog/site. Photography top notch.! Thx Julie

  7. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your site! I just purchased your book through Amazon, can't wait to get it, I need it badly....sigh
    My wife and I loved Aix, what a beautiful city!



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