Sunday, June 5, 2011

Provence in the Press

Every year round this time, Provence seems to pop up in the press more than usual. Here are some recent articles you might enjoy. 

Wow--a 70 million massive solar-panel "farm" in Provence. 

Trouble at the new Cocteau Museum in Menton.

From The Independent, 48 Hours in Avignon.

And from the New York Times: Marseille's thriving arts scene.

House hunting in France? Look no further!

House hunting in France?  Look at the area around Carcassone.

The crazy French Canadian baker in Aix.

When the fantasy of retiring abroad means Provence.

Last year, the U.S. consumed more wine than France for the first time ever. '

Major contemporary art show opens June 25.

They're playing petanque in Midtown Manhattan.

And they're launching a new riverbus service in Paris.

Sangiovese grapes have come to the South of France. 

A nice market story.

Did you know that Russia owns the Russian Church in Nice?

The New York Post uncovers "hidden Provence."

How about a nice rosé?

I knew nothing about this Hyeres Festival of Fashion and Photography

The latest rumors about a Brangelina wedding in Provence.

Have any of you seen this movie

Oh goodie! French cuisine is popular again.

Here's a nice poem about Provence.

Wine touring by river boat.

Is Marseille France's next great food city?
Who wouldn't love to take a Rhone cruise?

Finally...all this and he speaks French too!

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  1. Wow! What a cornucopia of opportunities.

  2. Oh God! I couldn't decide where to go first.... So of course I went to Patricia Well's book pix ....Then the Petanque article in the wall sgtreet journal.... We play, and are dying to get the locals here to do it..... Maybe there's hope...... I have been to the market in Aix, love that town..... Keep the ideas and connections coming Julie!!!xo Maryanne

  3. What a collection of wonderful reading! I can see I'm going to be busy for the next few days. That is, in between getting ready for our September culinary tours in Provence (we still have places available!) Thanks for the story links.
    -Mark Craft

  4. Hi Julie, like usual an other excellent article whit great analyzing of what's happening in Provence...:)
    Friebdly, Michael.

  5. Delighted to see so much going on in the region at the moment! Thanks for posting these articles.

  6. For those of you on the Provence Coast, stop by Sanary/mer this week end to experience a ride on a Pointu!



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