Friday, July 22, 2011

Into the Woods

Fancy sleeping in a teepee or a log cabin in Provence for a few nights? Who wouldn't?  For all the info, click here. For other glamorous camping (they call it "glamping"--don't ya love it?), options in France and around the world, go here.


  1. It looks like great fun, but the thought of it makes me itch, glamping or mosquito Heaven!

  2. Lei Chambris is a really magical place & is a few minutes (by car) from Salernes, which is the ceramic tile capital of the South-east.

    There is a fascinating museum called Terra Rossa which opened about two years ago :
    The clay earth round here is very red & poses its own challenges for gardening in !

    There is another website of unusal places to stay – mostly in the UK but a couple in France – part of the Alistair Sawday group :

    Pamela of Lei Chambris is an extremely gentle & welcoming host.

  3. Love this information very useful for upcoming camping trips.This is often compounded by the fact that people arrive late in the evenings to the campsite and it’s starting to get dark. There is enough to be doing without having to figure out how your tent goes together…



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