Friday, January 20, 2012

Saatchi's Online Art Mart

The famous Saatchi Gallery has created, to sell reasonably priced paintings, prints, photos and multi-media art from all over the world. I searched "France" and an amazing number of sensational works popped up, such as the photo Oyster Point, above, by Nick Shepherd (London). What a fabulous way to browse for art...and how great for the artists, who can simply upload their images and begin selling. Below are just a few of my favorites, all of which came up (with many, many others) in my "France" search. Meanwhile, with my birthday just around the corner (July), any of these would be an ideal gift. Just sayin'.

From the Denon Wing of The Louvre by Ti-An DeMartines (Toronto)
Petit déjeuner à Paris by Stephanie Köhl (Holving, France)

Chanel, Route du Cubzak, France by Crouzel Olivier (Bordeaux)

Sunset, Carlton, Cannes by Ruurd Dankloff (Netherlands)

Seaside #10 (taken in Dieppe) by Ruurd Dankloff (Netherlands)

Pont Neuf by Asbjorn Lonvig (Hedensted, Denmark)

Grocer, Montpellier, France by Mark York (London).

Le Canard by Götz Friedewald (Munich)
A Newlywed Couple, Paris by Yanice Idir (London)

Eiffel Tower by Ryan Nore (Vienna)
French Confections by Barbara Andolsek (Los Angeles)


  1. Wow, J, you DO find the best stuff. What a great resource for artists and art lovers alike.
    -Mark Craft

  2. I am overcome with delight to see the picture of the cave/ epicerie in Montpellier. In my student days, this was how all the little stores looked along our way walking to the university in the city from our university housing. What great memories it brings back.