Monday, April 23, 2012

Yes You Can Do Cannes...Sort Of

The 65th annual Cannes Film Festival is coming up May 16 to 27th and of course it totally takes over the town. Unfortunately, it's for industry insiders only...not for you. But there is one event that's open to the public and it's called “Cinema de la Plage.” It's a free, nightly outdoor movie screening held on Macé Beach, next to the Palais des Festivals. Shows begin around 9:30 pm (''usually'') and no tickets are needed. Yep, just show up. And because your comfort is paramount to me, I inquired about seats and blankets and was told that both will be available. A schedule for Cinema de la Plage will posted on the festival website shortly before the fest begins; you can see the site in English here. So get your most-gorgeous gown ready, then get down to the beach and be fabulous! And if you see Brad and Angelina, please tell them I can't wait to see them at the wedding...

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