Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cannes Fireworks Festival Begins July 14

The Cannes Fireworks Festival 2012 begins on Saturday July 14 and continues through Friday August 24th. This year, five countries will take part in the competition and once again work to outdo each other with dramatic music and extravagant displays. The fireworks are released from barges in Cannes Bay, opposite the Croisette. As usual, tens of thousands of people will gather to ooh and ahh on all the city's beaches, on the promenade and on hundreds of boats moored offshore. The shows begin at 10 pm and last 30 minutes. This year, the following countries will participate:

Saturday July 14th– Italy
Saturday July 21st – China
Sunday July 29th – Spain
Tuesday August  7th– France
Wednesday August 15th – Germany
Friday August 24th – Argentina (not in competition)...and an announcement of the winning country.

For more info on the competition, the participating companies/countries, the programs, the music and more, click here


  1. Julie, I cannot imagine a more exquisite setting for fireworks... then to see them reflected in Cannes Bay, wow! I would have to find a place back from the beach for viewing. This is an event which can be enjoyed by many!


  2. I've been there for this 2 times, and I must say it is one of the most spectacular events I've ever attended. Dining on the sand, watching the fireworks, sipping a great wine...nothing better !!!

  3. We went to Cannes to see this spectacle.
    There was no fireworks at all !

  4. The fireworks were cancelled last night (July 14) due to high winds. I'm told they've been rescheduled for Monday 16th July at 10pm.



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