Friday, February 28, 2014

Contest: Selfies in Provence!

Have you been poking around Provence, cavorting on the Côte d'Azur, luxuriating in the Languedoc? Then send us your very best selfie* and you could win a great prize. We want to see glorious scenery in the background...a gorgeous beach or medieval village...a vast vineyard, bustling bistro, crowded market, remote get the idea. Be creative and have fun...climb a tree, leap from a plane, fight a bull, go where no man has gone before. Just be sure that the photographer--and something recognizably South of France--is visible in the frame. This contest will go on for a while to allow for your upcoming travels...or you can send a selfie from a previous trip. I'll publish my favorites, readers will vote and the winner will receive two nights at Le Mas de Lilou, a beautiful new B&B in Provence. So give it your best shot and send high-quality images (jpg, png or gif only) to me at: Please put Provence Selfie in the subject line, tell me who's in the photo and tell me where it was taken. Can't wait to see you! 

*Note: A few months ago, the Oxford Dictionary was celebrating the selfie as the International Word of the Year for 2013. More recently, selfies were blamed for an uptick (sorry!) in the spread of head lice among teenagers. And this just in: scientists have been investigating the selfie phenomenon using "theoretic, artistic and quantitative" methods. They call it ''the vernacular of the 21st century'' and you can read their findings here.* 

Photos: Me with my friends Olivier and Denis, one hot summer day in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. (I'm much prettier in real life, BTW.) Next,  a very nice selfie in Nice from Robert Schrader of the blog Leave Your Daily Hell, who thinks he very well may be the King of the Travel Selfie (agreed). My Irish friends Niamh and Ellen Burns have selfied themselves all over France. Next, some selfies I found online: I love the"Polar Bear Reading a Book Partial-Duck Face Selfie" which I found here, as well as this French Waiter SelfieEiffel Tower Selfie, Selfie in Les Baux and sweet Honeymoon Selfie Over Provence. Up in Paris, Rihanna and her fingernails got photobombed while posing ever-so-nonchalantly for a selfie. And finally, we have a new version of the selfie artform: video. This one, Selfies in France, is by Tristan Cooke


  1. Julie, the provence air must be amazing. You look as great as you did 25 years ago when we went to Arizonia together! xxoxox

  2. I didn't know that was Rihanna, I thought it was you!

  3. Great idea and lovely to see everyone's selfies



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