Sunday, October 5, 2014

Art Workshops at the Palais des Papes

This fall and early winter at the 14th-century Palais des Papes in Avignon, the association Altera Roma is offering a series of workshops in Medieval arts and crafts. You can take a half-day intro (55€) or a full-day class (140€).  Designed for adults, they'll be taught in French but a translator is available for groups, if booked in advance.

The schedule for Les Ateliers du Palais is as follows:

October 11 & 12: Calligraphy, with Anne Demoustier

October 18 & 19: Marbling, with Zeynep Uysal Kog

October 25 & 26: Ceramics, with Stephan Leclercq (full day)

November 8 & 9: Illuminated manuscripts, with Marie-France Parronchi

November 10:  Ikebana with Georgine Duquesne

November 15 & 16: Calligraphy, with Anne Demoustier

November 22 & 23: Ceramics, with Stephan Leclercq (full day)

December 6 & 7: Illuminated manuscripts, with Marie-France Parronchi

December 11:  Ikebana, with Georgine Duquesne

December 13 & 14:  Marbling, with Zeynep Uysal Kog

December 21 & 22: Calligraphy, with Anne Demoustier

To learn more or to reserve your space, click here or here.

If you need help in English, contact Stephan Leclercq ( or by phone: +33 (0)6 62 38 50 14.

You can also get info and reserve through the Avignon Tourist Office:, +33(0)4 32 74 32 74.

Photos: Examples of work by Marie-France Parronchi (Illuminated Manuscripts), Georgine Duquesne (Ikebana), Anne Demoustier (Calligraphy) and Stephan Leclercq (Ceramics).


  1. Julie I would love to take these amazing art courses!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Quelle bonne idée! Have always been a fan of illuminated manuscripts and loved doing typography many years ago at school..can't think of a better location to take it up again!

  3. Calligraphy! Not typography......its been such a long time I can't even get the name right!



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