Tuesday, September 1, 2015

English-Speaking Cancer Support in France

The good folks at the non-profit Cancer Support France have just launched a new association serving the Vaucluse, the Bouches du Rhône and the Gard departments of Southern France...and they've asked me to spread the word.

CSF supports all English speakers in France who are affected (directly or indirectly) by cancer. Their volunteers include highly trained "Active Listeners" who support, accompany, translate, visit and provide general help. Some are medical professionals, some are cancer patients or survivors...but many just want to help. There are also volunteers who assist with admin, fundraising and PR.

"We started in the Gard about a year ago, as part of CSF Languedoc," president Tim Forster tells me. "But seeing a need, we've separated from the Languedoc so we can better offer our services in Provence. There are 15 associations within CSF and these include four who cover much of Southern France. Provence has long been a gap and we need to fill it. 

“For our clients, a cancer diagnosis turns the world upside down," he continues. "For someone living in a foreign country, there's the added challenge of trying to manage their illness in another language. Our volunteers--many of them bilingual--offer vital emotional support, guide clients to essential information and provide practical assistance during times of crisis. Their training is ongoing and they operate in the strictest confidentiality to ensure fully professional service.”

Tim reached out to me with four goals in mind. First, to help build awareness among the English-speaking community, "so anyone who needs us can find us." Second, because he needs volunteers of all types for the new association.  Another goal is to raise funds through events and direct donations (to donate, click here) and finally, to let you all know about the group's upcoming inaugural meeting next month (info on that is below).

"Networking is the best way to get our message out," he says.  

To learn more about CSF nationwide and see a calendar of events, their website is here.

To learn more about CSF Provence Gard or to inquire about helping in any capacity, please contact Tim directly: +33 (0)4 66 72 71 60, tim.csfprovencegard@gmail.com.   

If you or someone you know needs cancer-related info or support, call the 24-hour CSF Provence Gard Helpline on +33 (0)4 66 81 18 58 and a coordinator will call you back promptly. Or, you can email: csf.provencegard@gmail.com. The National Helpline, serving other parts of France, is: +33 (0)8 10 24 02 00.

The new CSF Provence Gard Association will hold their inaugural meeting and coffee morning from 10 am to 1 pm on October 5th, at Mas de la Bousquette in Lussan (30580), near Uzes.  Everyone is welcome. To get there: locate the roundabout on the D 979 at Lussan, take the road towards Lussan and after 50 meters, you'll see the entrance signposted on the right.


  1. How wonderful and progressive. I live in Florida, am 76 with uterine cancer and come to San Remy often.
    Bravo, Bravo

  2. A wonderful and important cause Julie, thank you for featuring this for us!

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    Featuring Sharon Santoni

  3. Julie: Thanks for sharing this information about this wonderful organization. Having a serious medical diagnosis such as cancer, while one is living in a foreign country, is daunting. Having the support of someone with medical knowledge and compassionate listening skills is helpful for a person who must navigate her way to health and healing. Thanks for sharing this great information.



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