Sunday, May 24, 2009

When Life Imitates Art...

Check out this fabulous suite at the Amsterdam Hilton: it's a real-life replica of Van Gogh’s painting The Bedroom. (Actually, the artist did three versions of The Bedroom, which hang in three different museums, but never mind.) The idea came from hotel director Roberto Payer, who was inspired by the ongoing "Van Gogh and the Colours of the Night" exhibit at Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum. Payer hired Dutch designer Irma Boom to do the colorful transformation.

The room can be booked by the night (price varies) or as part of a Van Gogh package, which includes tickets and priority access to the show. After the show ends June 7, the hotel plans to keep the guestroom as is, for the forseeable future.

The "Colours of the Night" exhibit, which came to Amsterdam after a hugely successful run at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, is the first to be devoted to Van Gogh's representations of the evening and night, a theme which features heavily throughout his work. The exhibit includes some key paintings from the Van Gogh Museum's collection as well as an array of famous works from leading international collections, such as Starry Night (MOMA, New York) and Eugene Boch (Musée d'Orsay, Paris). Amsterdam is the exhibit's only European venue.

For info on the Amsterdam Hilton, the Van Gogh suite and Van Gogh packages, click here.

For info on the Van Gogh Museum and the Colours of the Night exhibit, click here.

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