Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Live and Learn

Tricia Harris hosts workshops in painting, drawing and French at Mas du Palmier in Paradou. The other day she dropped me a note to let me know about openings in upcoming of course I shook her down for discounts for my readers. Who loves ya?
First, the painting class. Led by Eyragues-based Canadian painter Catherine Schmid, the small-group class consists of three half days and one full day, beginning June 22nd. The week alternates between studio work and outdoor painting around Paradou. The reduced fee is €295 for 15 hours of training. Students may work in whatever medium they wish; so far there are two working with watercolor and one planning to use pastels.
Next, French classes. Tricia has room in three June classes: Beginners (June 15-19th), Intermediate 1 (8-12th) and Intermediate 2 (22-26th). The discounted rate is 280€ for five half-day sessions.
Students who require housing are offered a range of choices: chambre d'hote in the main house, an independent cottage on the property and local lodging ranging from a budget B&B to a four-star hotel. One current French student is staying in her own motor home on a campsite in nearby Maussane. "The idea is to offer tailor-made solutions for each individual," Tricia says. "The courses form only part of the holiday, after all."


  1. This is one of the reasons why I love our part of the world so much, xv.

  2. This sounds wonderful, just sent the link over to my artist friend who is always looking for a great place to draw and paint.

  3. Sounds "Wonderful"...French classes in Provence...who needs a better reason than that!! (wish I lived closer, may-be next time!!!)

  4. I have gotten so many ideas from your blog, I made an appointment with Olivier Hickman for a wine tour, made a list of places to visit (and re-visit) when my family comes to visit during my vacation, and just generally enjoy what you share. I spend every summer near Nimes, and am always looking for new things to experience. Thanks for a great, informational blog!



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