Monday, August 24, 2009

Provence in the Press

Summer always brings more Provence in the media than usual, it seems. Here are a few articles I noticed in the last week or so.

A tour of the Luberon in the L.A. Times.

From The Independent: the joy of a visit to Aix.

In his syndicated column, Rick Steves wrote about outdoor markets. Here it is in the Chicago Tribune.

Brad and Angelina give their kids a "normal life" in a £45million Provencal chateau.

Revisiting Avignon after ten years, in the Australian.

Taking a tour of Provencal vineyards, in the Sunday Times.

The Telegraph looks at what Pierre Cardin is up to in Lacoste, whether the locals like it or not.

And here's the New York Times' take on the Pierre Cardin contretemps...

Photo by Sankha Guha via The


  1. Good reading Julie - I always like a little bit of local news, xv.

  2. Thank you for the news! Your post are always so full of great information!

  3. HI Julie,

    I first went to the Brangelina hopes that they need a good designer to help with those 35 bedrooms!!!

    Enjoy every minute there and thanks..




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