Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How Great Is This Photo?

I found this 2CV on FabulouslyFrench and just had to share.


  1. It makes a great monument to Cute!

  2. lovely.. and i think your blog is fabulous... x pam

  3. cou cou! this is too adorable, could you see yourself in her driving through les collines?

  4. Love this photo !! I would love to have a 2 CV .
    Around one year ago I posted a picture of a gold 2 CV , I loved it

  5. There was a robin's egg blue one of these for sale, parked around the corner from your old New York City apartment. It was there for about three weeks this summer (it changed sides of the street with Alternate Side of the Street Parking, of course). People would walk up to it, read the For Sale details, and walk all around it. You could tell that they were just imagining themselves in it, how it might perk up their lives. Then one day, it was gone.
    Warren Ashworth

  6. 2 CV is an amazing car, and now as expensive as a porsche !



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