Saturday, October 10, 2009

Les Baux Rocks!

Italian photographer Max Belloni lives fulltime outside Turin but shoots frequently in Provence. He often works with a technique called HDR, which involves the layering of images to create a deeply saturated effect, but says this photo was taken traditionally. Max writes: "Walking around the base of the castle of Les Baux de Provence, I saw this nice texture effect of the water flowing in the centuries on the vertical rocks, and I couldn’t resist the shot." To see more of Max's gorgeous photos: To contact him directly:


  1. So interesting! It's a created picture/distilled and layered, another form of art.

  2. Max has a beautiful photo blog, thanks for posting this gorgeous pic, really pleased to know about his site!

  3. I love this picture of les baux, it's immediacy makes you feel like you are at the base, looking up (before that long climb up the stairs/pathway!) it's beautiful photography!

  4. Hi I just placed your blog on my Reading List today. I've been to Les Baux many times but have never seen it at this angle! Lucky ... you live in Saint Rémy ... I stayed there for four months last year and love it.



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