Monday, January 10, 2011

David Hockney's iPaintings

You still have time to see “David Hockney: Fleurs Fraîches,” an exhibit of images (flowers, places and people) created by the British artist on his iPhone and iPad.  It's at the Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent in Paris until Jan 30th. With “Brushes” and other apps, Hockney used his thumbs and fingers to create full-color images directly on the device’s screen, modifying the hues and layering brushstrokes of various widths and opacities; he then emailed the images to friends. The show presents the work in its original digital format and as projections; you can also see an animation of Hockney creating one of the works from start to finish on a large floating screen. According to the New York Times, the artist becomes so immersed while doing the finger paintings that he catches himself stopping to wipe off his fingers.

David Hockney lived in Paris from 1973 to 1975 and this is his first major show there in more than a decade. "It's the first exhibition ever totally emailed to a gallery," the artist says, in a video on the gallery's website. An international tour of the show is planned following this Paris premiere.

5, avenue Marceau, 75116 Paris.
Tél. : 01 44 31 64 00

Above: Untitled 14 June 2010 © David Hockney


  1. Fascinating - I had no idea that Hockney was working in this medium. Though I have to say that for my taste, the colours come out a bit flat.

    Coincidentally, I've just blogged about a Provence-based artist - Olivier Boissinot. Now there's an artist who knows how to make the colour blue sing out! Is it OK to give a link?

  2. Hi Deborah,
    Olivier's work is indeed gorgeously vibrant! I think these lovely Hockney images must suffer a bit in translation. My guess is the "originals" are more vivid. I hope to get to Paris to see for myself!

  3. Thank you Julie, I will be in Paris for two nights very soon, I will try to check this out.

  4. I will be in Paris next week. I put it on my calendar as things to visit. Thanks



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