Thursday, February 9, 2012

W Hotel Set to Open in Paris

W Hotels will make its debut in France on Valentines Day with the opening of W Paris-Opéra, at 4 rue Meyerbeer in the 9th arrondissement. The five-story hotel is set inside an elegant 1870s Haussman-era building, opposite the Opéra Garnier, close to the Galeries Lafayette and Place Vendôme. Historic features, such as ornamented columns, vaulted ceilings, marble staircases, stained-glass windows and fireplaces, have been partially restored and are now juxtaposed with contemporary elements. The general manager is Olivier Servat, who came over from Le Méridien Etoile. 

When it came to the kitchen, W went after and lured a big name: the exec chef is the Barcelona-born, Madrid-based Spanish chef Sergi Arola, who trained with Ferran Adria at El Bulli in Spain and with Pierre Gagnaire in Paris. He now holds two Michelin stars at La Broche (Madrid) and also runs restaurants in Barcelona, Sao Paolo and Santiago. His second in command is chef de cuisine Torsten Sällström, formerly in charge of the kitchen at Gastro in Madrid, and Sällström will oversee the kitchen when Arola is back home in SpainThe hotel restaurant, Arola, offers an "interactive" concept called Pica Pica: instead of a traditional three-course meal, there will be a variety of dishes and tapas served family style, merging Catalan cooking with French ingredients. Arola also created the menus for the W Lounge (a wide variety of tapas and montaditos) and for in-room dining as well. Behind the bar you're likely to find Aurélie Panhelleux, who was recently named France's National Cocktail Champion. (Who knew France had a National Cocktail Championship?!)

The new W Paris was designed jointly by W Global Brand Design and Rockwell Group Europe (RGe), the Madrid office of New York-based Rockwell Group. Known for world-class projects such as the sets for the 81st and 82nd Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles, two restaurants for Alain Ducasse in New York and scores of other major buildings, hotels, restaurants and theatrical venues, architect David Rockwell and his Rockwell Group have a long association with W Hotels, stretching back to 1998 and the launch of the very first W Hotel, the W New York. (I'm a huge fan of David's work and you can see a wildly impressive list of his completed projects here.)

The new five-story W Hotel has 91 rooms including 20 suites and two Extreme WOW Suites (W’s version of the Presidential Suite). With soaring ceilings up to three and a half meters high, rooms and suites feature offer stunning views of the Opéra Garnier and Parisian streets. "Our goal was to transform this historic building into a W Hotel that literally shines with innovative and unexpected details, materials and technology," RGe’s Managing and Creative Director Diego Gronda says. Rooms have pillow-top, signature W beds with 350-thread count sheets, terry robes and the Bliss-brand amenities...while the hotel itself has a fitness center, 24-hour room service, 24-hour concierge and W's signature "Whatever/Whenever" service.

Rates begin at 350€ and special packages are available, such as the "Free Nights" offer in which you pay for three and get the fourth free or pay for four and get two more free. 

Meanwhile, the next European W openings will be in Athens and Milan, both in 2013. The company is on track to reach 60 hotels worldwide by the end of 2015. 

For more info on the W Paris or to book, call +33 (0)1 44 77 10 68 or click here.  

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I've been looking for someplace new and fabulous to bring a client next week. Merci beaucoup!

  2. Dear Ms. Mauthner,

    So, there's finally a "W" in Paris? I expect they'll find themselves deservedly packed.

    I've stayed in a "W" only once, but I'm forever grateful to the hotel. This was the then-newishly-opened "W" hotel in New Orleans (a town I've known well all my life). We were put up there (the first time I've ever used a hotel in NOLA) by the obviously-overfunded folks from the International Liver Conference. This was a year or so before Katrina hit.

    When we arrived, we encountered ( a bit off-puttingly for me, since this seemed rather more Las Vegas than the NOLA I grew up with) an enormous, two-story red curtain that swept back to reveal the port-cochere and 20-or-so liveried bellhops and parking-valets. All of this to honor, presumably, the arrival of our rented-at-the-airport Honda civic. At the time, my immediate consideration was that they must have had at least ten of those gargantuan curtains in-stock....the whole thing would become a 2-story sheet of mold in a single august night if you didn't scrub it.

    I should emphasize that the hotel was wonderfully comfortable in every way you could imagine (including convenience, location, etcetera). The staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. The "W" did seem, however, as though it had been dropped from a visiting space-ship onto the edge of the French Quarter.

    The greatest of the delights awaited us once we negotiated that lobby, cast a glance at the "Blue"-something massive bar/lounge (think South-Beach-Versace-Circa-1990) and got to our very pleasant bedroom. I plunked my tail onto the bed and, as usual, began reading the promotional "literature".

    I've never been so gratified as when I read that we needed to descend every night into that bar/lounge. Apparently, there would be no need for us to ever go anywhere else (or leave the building, for that matter) over the next five days, since (and as the brochure informed us):

    "Word's Out On the Streets! The HOTTEST Celebrities are at the W's 'Blue_____' bar every night!"

    Presumably, Brad and Angelina might very well come knocking on our door to ask where the ice-machine was..Madonna and/or Jennifer Aniston might recognize us in the elevator and ask to buy us drinks...Dominique Strauss Kahn might raise a ruckus in the adjoining suite.....the possibilities were endless!

    Suffice it to say that we never actually went to the bar/lounge/whatever. After forty-some years of scooting in and around that town, I thought my edges were probably a bit too rough to fit in with the promised crowd of "The Hottest Celebrities". Our room was quite comfortable and pleasant.

    Since that stay at the dauntingly uber-chic NOLA "W"?....well, we travel extensively, and everytime that, courtesy of some screw-up or mishap, we temporarily end-up in some next-to--the-train-station, shabby, provincial hotel (ever stayed for a night at the Best Western in Perigeux? It's a trip, to say the least)?....well, we get up to our shabby room, figure out if we have to share a toilet with strangers for the evening, decide that things could be worse, drop the suticases, and flop onto the bed. Eventually, one of us murmurs "why don't we just each take a shower and then go downstairs to find a drink? After all, WORD'S OUT ON THE STREETS THAT THE HOTTEST CELEBRITIES ARE AT THE BAR!".

    I'm forever grateful to the "W" hotels for providing us with that ever-useful catch-phrase.

    Level Best as Ever,

    David Terry

  3. The 'W' in San Francisco is fab, too!!

  4. a W in Paris? That will really throw me off since I love Paris for all its oldness and history. It threw me off in Bali for a bit.

    I would love to see what unique things they do for the Paris property.

  5. It would be pretty hard to beat the W Barcelona! You can read my post on it here:

    One of the most amazing properties I've ever stayed at.

  6. hi julie!

    this is my first time in your blog and i like it very much.
    i'm not used to consult blogs and don't understand well how it works, but i hope you'll get this message.


  7. it seems that the W Paris-Opéra hotel is so recent that it's not at PAGES JAUNES yet .........

    many thanks



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