Saturday, February 25, 2012

You Get to Be on TV. I Get $500.

You know those TV shows about families who take the big leap, move abroad and then set out to renovate some old dump a charming but needy old house? Ever wonder how they find the folks to feature...or how your family could get chosen? Yes? Then you'll be interested in this email I just received... 

Hi Julie,

I came across your blog while doing some research for a new HGTV show I am working on for Debbie Travis and thought you might be able to help me out. You probably meet many people who dream of moving to--or who have recently moved to--the South of France.

Debbie Travis is well-known on the home decorating front throughout North America and around the world. She's an international television personality, bestselling author, syndicated newspaper columnist and Home Collection designer. A link to her biography is here

This is a new home reno show featuring Canadians and Americans (families, couples or individuals) who have recently moved abroad (within the last six months) or who are about to move...and whose new home needs to be "done up." A purchased property is ideal, but we are open to looking at rental situations as well.

We want to document what it's like to move to your dream country and what challenges someone who makes a big move like that faces. What's wonderful about it and what's difficult or surprising.

We haven't finalized the name of the show yet (it's brand new) and are still working with the network on that. We'll be shooting the pilot in April, then other episodes to follow in the late spring, summer, and fall.

The show will air on HGTV in Canada and the US. 

The participants will get their home made over, designed by Debbie. It will be different for each one, depending on their needs and wishes.

I know from your blog that you've been abroad too long for our show, but we're offering a finders fee of $500 to anyone who refers someone who is then chosen for the show. So I thought you may know, or run into, expats in France (or elsewhere) who might perfect.

A link to the casting call website is 

Thanks for your time - any help spreading the word would be appreciated! Your readers may also email me at:

Kind Regards,
Linda Rae
Montreal, Canada 

Photo by Navid Baraty. No word on whether this little fixer-upper is for sale...


  1. What, not even 500 Euros"?. *chuckle*

  2. If we hadn't been here in France for eleven years, I'd put my hand up. :)

  3. When the TV show, Househunters International, was looking for a Prague couple, I sent them a copy of a blog post I wrote about my friends Jana and David who are enormous fun. They were chosen. I am sure one of your readers will be perfect!

  4. Only $5oo? Clever; but, eh, lucky work if you can find it.

  5. That's it! I'm buying a house in the south. I'm sure to be a winner.

    -Mark Craft

  6. Hi Julie, I have recently bought a house in St Remy de Provence and would love to be on the show, the only problem is I am Australian....would that be a problem?? The house is an old mas and we have started some decorating but still have a fair amount to do. Kate

  7. Hi Kate,
    Why not email them and ask. Good luck!

  8. Hi Kate
    I spoke to Debbie Travis and she said you should definitely apply...that it's not a problem your being Australian. However, you left no email address so I don't have a way to reach you directly.
    Best Wishes!

  9. Maybe you should parlay your services to a higher level--shoot $500 is just the beginning of the direction you can offer. N'est-ce pas?

  10. What a great post. I will admit to being an HGTV addict and really love the House Hunters Intl. shows. Sure wish I knew someone there that needed the help. $500 would be a nice finder's fee!



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