Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Gorgeous New Wine Country Guesthouse

Since I launched my Provence travel-planning business this winter, I've been running hither and yon, checking out hotels, inns, rental villas and restaurants in all price ranges so I can suggest and book the best ones for each client. But also so I can share the ones I love with you here. One place that really stands out is the Clos Saint Saourde, an impossibly stylish five-year-old guesthouse just outside Beaumes de Venise. But before I got the chance to write about it, owners Géraldine and Jérôme Thuillier told me they'd be opening a second guesthouse, this one right in the heart of the village itself. I missed the opening party late last month but Jerome just sent me photos and I'm not surprised to see that Les Remparts (above) looks every bit as glorious as its older sibling. 

Built upon the 16th-century walls of this famous wine village, Les Remparts offers exceptional views of Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail mountains on one side...and village views (the church steeple, the old castle ruins, the old Canale-tile roofs and the Vallée du Rhône) on the other. 

It has five air-conditioned rooms, a pool, communal kitchen (with serve-yourself Nespresso and tea), a large lounge with a fireplace, a library corner and of course, a garden. Like they do at Clos Saint Saourde, the Thuilliers include breakfast in the price and can provide other meals if arranged in advance. Wine tours and tastings, massage, catering, babysitting and bikes are available on request. Rooms range from €140 to €280.

Jerome was an interior decorator in Paris before the family came to Provence. His aesthetic blends beautifully with the rugged beauty of the setting, both here and at Clos Saint Saourde. I love the creamy colors, exposed stone walls, sense of space, juxtaposition of old pieces with new and exquisite lighting. Jerome's attention to detail is evident in every inch.  These rooms are romantic enough for a honeymoon, elegant without being stuffy. The design magazines are going to jump all over this place. I want Jerome to do my house!

Whether you're exploring the world-famous Côtes du Rhône wine route or simply craving a serene getaway in stunning surroundings, this is a delicious option. 

La Maison des Remparts
#74, cours Louis Pasteur
84190 Beaumes de Venise
Tel/fax 04 90 37 35 20

Note: Le Clos Saint Saourde, the Thullier's first guesthouse, has one of the prettiest treehouses in Provence; see it and others available by the night in my recent story here. Meanwhile other guesthouses that I've seen and loved lately are the Le Mas de Tourterelles in St. Remy (very pretty rooms, English owners and a great village location), Mas Bellevue just outside St. Remy (expansive views, great pool, wonderfully quiet setting) and the stunning Mas de la Rose in Orgon, about 10 minutes east of Eygalieres (quintessential Provence!).


  1. I visited Clos de Ste Saourde when I was in Provence last September and was lucky enough to have Jerome show me through the remnants of this derelict building at the time and explain his new project. He had a LONG way to go just 7 months ago. Now I know he has impeccable taste but am still blown away by his incredible finished product. It is simply beautiful and I can't wait to book it for an upcoming trip.

  2. Hi Julie - just a word to tell you how much I enjoy your posts and read each one avidly.
    Life is crazy here. The carnival - sorry, Cannes Film Festival, has started and you literally can't move in central Cannes, but it is so exciting.
    Love, Jackie x

  3. Holy Smokes, Batman! That is beautiful. I'll have to put this on my list of recommendations for visitors as well. Thanks Julie. You snoop out great stuff!

  4. This is lovely Julie,
    Your blog is outstanding;
    thank you for keeping us clued in.

    So many luscious hotels, so little time...

  5. Hi Julie: Beautiful, beautiful places! And of course, I love the entire area around Beaumes de Venise. We're hoping to get over your way in the fall: Paris definitely, but not sure about heading South... These are very tempting.......

  6. Hi Julie, I absolutely love Jerome's design aesthetic and style. This is certainly a place that I would love to stay in while visiting.

    I just started posting some of the photos of my visit to France...starting with an estate of a winery owner there in Seguret... what a fabulous area!

    I will certainly refer to you next time I visit France.



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