Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Get Outta Town!

Do you live in the U.K. but dream of moving abroad? Freeform Productions, the company that produced the TV series A Place in the Sun and its various spinoffs, is developing a new show featuring folks who want to move to a foreign country, buy a business and live there full time. Any foreign country is need not be France. (Then again, why anyone would want to move somewhere that isn't France is beyond me but whatever.)
"No stone will be left unturned as we try and find people the businesses to suit their needs," says Ross Proudfoot, Freeform's researcher. "We're particularly interested in people who've already begun the process and may have even have found a business they're interested in. We want enthusiastic and driven people with the funds in place who are looking to relocate by the end of September." For info:, +44(0)161-235-6591.


  1. Interesting! Someone will take this up.

  2. a trip to france at your fingertips --
    I remember some of these spots from my travels.. VOTED best post of the day!!



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