Monday, July 13, 2009

Rare Photos for Sale

An exhibition and sale of exceptionally rare and beautiful photographs taken by the Lumière brothers and a signed collection of photographs by Robert Doisneau is on view at Mondrian's Room Gallery in Avignon until Friday July 24th. The gallery is owned by Aebhric Coleman and Fiona Bailey, who have a gallery of the same name in Dublin. Born in Besançon, France and raised there and in Lyon, the Lumières invented the first process for color photography and launched it in Paris, to incredible acclaim, in 1907. This show features images they took in 1910-11. The brothers had also invented cinema, in 1895.
On view and available for sale with the photos are the Lumières' original glass screen plates; each "autochrome" plate is sold with a unique print, framed and mounted to museum standards. Bailey likens them to "precious pieces of stained glass" and says seeing one first-hand is a wonderful experience. "As they're glass plate negatives," she explains, "there were no multiples made from the images, and at the time, printing from autochromes was not a common practice. So they're absolutely unique images, and very remarkable collectors' items."
The show also includes ten signed photographs by Robert Doisneau from 1945-58. "They're some of his most iconic images," Bailey says, "which capture the joy of the transient moment and really represent his idea of capturing 'three seconds of eternity' in his compassionate and tender images of everyday life."
An exhibit of Doisneau's portraits of artists is currently running at the Musee Angladon in Avignon, just a few minutes walk from Mondrian's Room. "Doisneau had the eye of an artist, the soul of a poet, and a passion for the humor and poignancy in ordinary moments," Bailey adds. "His iconic black and white photos of Paris combine flawless aesthetic charm with sensitivity, nostalgia and joyful modernity." Mondrian's Room is at 17 Rue Etudes, directly opposite the Theatre de l’Entincelle, around the corner from the Place St. Didier. It's open Monday to Saturday from 11 to 7. All of the images can also be seen at: For more info on the images or the show: 06-16-36-71-66 or
Above: Le Dame Indignee (1948) by Robert Doisneau; Un Petit Repos (1910-1911), by August and Louis Lumière


  1. Always love visiting with your amazing sources! Great post! Can't wait to go see these photos!

  2. Lots of wonderful information. That photograph is precious.

  3. Would love to see this exhibit and sounds like it will be quite the show. Beautiful photographs with such history.....tell us more when you go. Having any fun this summer?



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