Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where to Stay in Avignon

My dear friend Kate Schertz, an American living in Avignon, just toured this new apartment hotel" and thought we'd all like to know about it. She writes: "Today I went to visit Autour du Petit Paradis, located inside the city walls just two minutes from Les Halles. The renovation of the 17th-century, three-story building had been blocking the street for months so I was curious to see what all they had been doing. It's LOVELY! The original shape of the rooms and the forged iron staircase rails are still there, but everything else is beautifully redone in neutral shades of beige, grey and cream...with gorgeous bathrooms. The inner courtyard has lovely modern patio furniture, a beautiful fountain and gorgeous plantings. The eleven rooms are all equipped with little kitchens, each with a two-burner hot plate, microwave and small fridge. It's not really meant to cook in but just so you can buy things at Les Halles, reheat them or eat them cold. There are three handicapped rooms on the ground floor and three different layout configurations ranging from studio to two rooms. Prices are extremely reasonable and the owners speak fluent English and German in addition to French. Check it all out at autourdupetitparadis.com. This is a real welcome addition to the accommodations intra-muros in Avignon. Champagne taste at vin du table prices!"


  1. This sounds like a great find Julie, xv.

  2. When my daughter was in high school we went with some students of French to Paris and Provence. One of my favorite places that we stayed was a little hotel in Avignon. I suppose it was an inexpensive one that catered mostly to student tour groups, but I still remember the charm of the rooms and the delicious food served family style in their dining room.

  3. I'll have to go and check it out. The place looks lovely. Thanks for the link!

  4. Looks like a fantastic hotel. Great idea. Thanks for posting.

    Passport Foodie

  5. I second this....a few of my clients have stayed there and were very happy ! Sabine and Patrick, the owners are so nice and available !



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