Monday, December 28, 2009

New Wines, Old Ways

Earlier this month, Time Magazine ran an interesting story about Jean-Daniel Schlaepfer (above) and other French winemakers who ferment their high-end wines in egg-shaped vessels based on amphorae — the clay jars used by the Romans centuries ago. Schlaepfer belongs to a growing number of producers who are "returning to the wisdom of the ancients in order to achieve the truest expression of a given harvest," according to Time reporter Jeffrey Iverson. The egg-shaped vessels are known as Nomblot Eggs and were created in 2001 by Burgundy-based vatmaker Marc Nomblot (, who now sells 250 of them each year.

Read the article HERE.

Photo: Jean-Daniel Schlaepfer of Domaine de Lauzières in Mouriès, Provence, with his Nomblot Egg fermentation tanks. Photo courtesy of Time Magazine.


  1. They look a bit odd, but also a bit "cute." :)

  2. I love this concept. Makes sense to me. Hope to be able to taste the wine! Thanks, Julie!



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