Monday, December 7, 2009

This Week on the Web...

There's lots of fun stuff online this week about our favorite place. Here are a few things you might enjoy...

The First Lady of France donned a blue jumpsuit and visited the aerobatic squadron Patrouille de France at an exhibition in Salon-de-Provence on Friday. Go here.

And here's the Daily Mail on those pesky Carla rumors. (Isn't the whole "is she or isn't she?" thing sort of like buying a ticket to the circus and being surprised to find elephants?)

Canadian journalist Todd Babiak, his wife and their two young daughters are spending an educational year in France. Here, they travel to Strasbourg to explore French culture through its holy sites and cuisine.

This is fun, from the Telegraph: Anthony Peregrine tells all about leading a guided coach tour of Provence.

And from the same writer, a lovely piece about spring in Provence.

Some yummy reasonably priced rosés are reviewed in the Washington Post.

While we're on wine, the French government has approved wine tastings on university campuses.

Chefs love the breads from this French-style bakery on Manhattan's Lower East Side, with a name that channels Provence. Now Pain d'Avignon offers retail as well, baking 50 different naturally fermented types each day.

On the blog MyMelange, guest blogger Cherrye Moore shares her early expat experiences in Paris. Read it here.

And here are Peter Mayle's thoughts on, um, corkscrews.

Our favorite local body care company L'Occitane plans to go public.

The Ottowa Citizen talks about renting a villa in Provence.

The blog Why Travel To France has some cute sidewalk graffiti.

Here's a very cool new Provence tourism website. Make sure to click on both the left side and the right.

And finally, some news on endangered French cheeses. (Should you see one in your garden, don't shoot!)


  1. Thanks for all the great article sites, Julie. I don't give a rat's hinder about Carla's botox and lovers but still love to read a little gossip. But the cheese story...this is a national tragedy!

  2. great post and i am so happy to have found your blog. happy sunday xx



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