Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Room with a View

Designed by chef Gilles Stassart and artist Laurent Grasso, this stunning glass box sits atop the 1937 Palais de Tokyo in Paris, which became a contemporary art museum in 2002. Called Art Home or Nomiya, it's an experimental restaurant serving prix fixe meals by reservation only. It's a cooking school, for adults and kids. It's a gourmet shop. And it's also a showroom for the newest Electrolux products. It's open only for one year and today is Day #183. I haven't been to see it or eat there but I definitely will next time I'm in Paris. Meanwhile you can get all the info and make reservations HERE. To see more great photos, click HERE.

Photos top to bottom: Nomiya incoming; in the afternoon light; two nighttime views.


  1. What fantastic photos. I never noticed these buildings before; but worth a second trip for sure.

  2. WHAT a gem! But it's only there for one year? so we have less than six months to go! Very nice find!

  3. Ahhhh--A little piece of Tokyo in Paris! Maybe this is the year that Yoshiko and I will make it to France! Nice article, Julie. SKG

  4. THAT IS SO COOL! Like a mini IM PEI pyramid only a box...Sake anyone?..Thanks for visiting my blog...I am going to happily discover yours in more detail. I used to go to Provence and have fond memories.......La Roque Alric, outside of Carpentras.Have a great New Year!!!!!!Maryanne



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