Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bienvenue Jean-Luc!

A few weeks ago I welcomed a new advertiser, a landscape gardener named Jean Luc Le Boursicaud. I haven't actually met him yet but he came to me highly recommended by the friend of a friend who wrote:

During a tour of Provence gardens organized by Louisa Jones last spring, one of the very beautiful gardens we visited in the Luberon was created and maintained by Jean-Luc Le Boursicaud (left), a landscape architect/ designer/gardener who lives in Cabannes, close to the Alpilles. Jean Luc wrote to me recently to say he was looking for work in the Alpilles, and I'm writing to recommend him to your readers. Not only was the garden we visited beautiful and beautifully taken care of, but Jean Luc has lots of experience dealing with owners who are not here all the time.

And now Jean-Luc has decided to advertise on Provence Post, clever thing that he is. You'll see his ad in the lefthand column and if you click on it, you'll be directed to his site where there are many samples of his work. I just wanted to give him a shout out, welcome him to the Provence Post family and encourage you to check out his site.

Born and raised in Toulouse, Jean-Luc moved to the Luberon in 1998 and began teaching himself the business, working on gardens and estates in Apt, Menerbes, Lacoste and Goult. Today, he his wife, Barbara, and son Nathaël, 7, live in Cabannes, near St. Remy and Eygalieres, and Jean Luc works more frequently in the Alpilles region.

For new clients who request it, he'll create a computerized design plan, taking into account irrigation systems, lighting, planting, size of ornamentals, etc. He says he loves how his field allows him to indulge his passion for both the artistic and the technical side of the business. But Jean Luc is also happy to take on simple gardening jobs because "to be a great landscaper you need to also be a good gardener," he says.

Jean-Luc's contact info is below. Thanks for listening to this brief advertisement. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming!

Jean-Luc Le Boursicaud

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