Sunday, March 21, 2010

From LA to Aix

I was recently asked to recommend some wedding photographers here in I went to Robert Hale's website where I found this beauty of a shot. Robert and I "met cute" as they say, one day in the Marseille Airport. We were both in that line where you pay your extra baggage fees (story of my life), and Robert, standing behind me, saw my blue passport and started a chat. Turns out we both had time to kill at Gatwick, so we had lunch together and talked photography-- a shared passion. We've been good buddies ever since. At that time Robert was living in L.A., flying back and forth to France when he could. His dream, however, was to live in Provence full time and finally, just recently, he made the move. He does all sorts of photography, not just weddings, so check out his site, buy a print and send some work his way!
Robert Hale Photographer
France Tel: 06-31-23-93-25
US Tel: (213)324-5084


  1. Great Picture Julie, so simple and elegant. I'm going to Robert's site right now......Maryanne:)

  2. Bounjour,
    He is an excellent photographer, this image is marvelous. I really like how you feature so many talented people here.
    Bon Dimanche,

  3. I'm going to his site to check. Funn airport story

  4. he is very talented... such a lovely shot.. will go to his site now... xx



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