Thursday, September 23, 2010


This new water fountain in a Paris park dispenses still and sparkling's a novelty and a convenience but also an attempt to wean the French off plastic bottles. (The French are #8 worldwide in terms of bottled water consumption, generating 262,000 tons of plastic waste last year.) As you'll see in this video, the fountain, known as la pétillante (“the bubbly” ), has made quite the splash. Read the Guardian's story here (yes, I swiped their great headline) and the New York Times' story here


  1. Isn't this great!

    I understand why people buy bottled water...the tap water in our area - deep country - is so over chlorinated that it is distinctly unpleasant and I've just read a report in the local paper which claims that most of the sources of our local water are contaminated (!) but the mountains of plastic bottles in the supermarkets disconcerts me...where do they allend up?

  2. I was about to write how clever your headline was when I saw that you swiped it. Well, good spotting, Julie, and really interesting article.

  3. I think it's a good idea but my worry would be that people would leave it running and then water be wasted ~ but maybe they have factored this problem into the set up of the fountain.

  4. I'll have to hightail it over to the 12eme to check the fizz out!



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