Thursday, September 9, 2010

Michelin Launches Food-Themed Vacations

Michelin has launched a new "experience" brand called Michelin Food & Travel, in conjunction with niche tour operator Roadtrips Inc. The idea is to give food lovers behind-the-scenes access to Michelin-starred restaurants; guests can enjoy cooking classes, guided excursions, food and wine tastings, truffle hunts and all sorts of other custom experiences that get them up close and personal with their favorite Michelin-starred chefs. Guests customize their itineraries, choosing dates, destinations and hotels. The program has initially launched in Paris, Provence and the Cote d'Azur, although destinations in Italy, England and wider Europe will be added shortly. To read all about it:

Photos:  (Top) Imagine exploring the Camargue on horseback wth cattle rancher Jacques Bon, here with son Frédéric. The Bon family owns the luxury hotel and ranch Le Mas de Peintnot far from Arles. (Center) The view from the terrace at Mas de Pierre in St. Paul de Vence, one splendid hotel option.  (Bottom) Marc de Passorio has one Michelin star at his restaurant at hotel Vallon de Valrugues in St. Remy. A day spent with Marc might include shopping at the local market, cooking lunch together, a visit with an olive grower and more.


  1. Michelin and food themed vacations, what a brilliant idea. I would definitely go on one of these trips.
    Thanks for this post!

  2. Sign! Me! Up! I love food, I love to vacation, perfect! Love your little world too, so happy to find you, I just a little virtual vacation! Happy to be your newest follower! XX!

  3. Wow - what a great idea! Sign me up for one of these vacations:) Love your blog & just signed up to follow you. Stop by and visit sometime at Looking forward to your next post - Cheers!

  4. Sounds wonderful, think if I went on one of these vacations I'd feel like a celebrity...where do I sign? Yum.



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