Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Minute Rental?

Caroline, an attorney in Belgium, is looking to rent rent a villa or mas in Provence, for three weeks, beginning around June 20th. She and her husband--also an attorney--will be traveling with their two-year-old daughter and Caroline’s mother. Caroline writes: “We’d like air conditioning, a pool and a garden for our daughter to run around in. I'm not particularly fussy about where in Provence, as long as it's relatively interesting and not too overrun. Indeed somewhere around St. Remy would be idyllic. We’re looking for something quiet, but perhaps near enough to a village. We’ll have a car. We are careful and quiet holidaymakers!” If you have or know of something to rent, please email:


  1. Go to Tounge and cheek blog. She has a list of favorites in Provence.
    Have a good week-end~

  2. We have a beautiful renovated barn in Vezenobres (small medieval village of 1200 people) which is near Nimes and Uzes that's available until July 16. No pool but otherwise fits the request. Details here

    I'm happy to have found your blog.



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