Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Rentals: Swell or Hell?

Have you ever rented a summer house only to find out it was not as advertised? That it was, in fact, a horror? The Home section of The New York Times is doing a story about summer house rentals from hell. And the writer would love to hear from you. Email to: jowadl@nytimes.com and please include your phone number (with country code, as dialed from New York). Deadline is Monday, June 15th. Thanks! Photo by Brett Rogers (www.beatcanvas.com)


  1. It would be hard to find a bad summer rental in Provence, I'm sure! But my clients did have a terrible experience in Paris last month. Dirty dishes, laundry, leaks! Quel nightmare they had but they were real troopers!

  2. As a property manager, I get the other side... tenants want to pay little for a ritz carlton rental... then they say it is only for the two of us and 25 peoples show with kids and dogs... some never leave. They always leave a mess. I think it is like everything else. Be careful what you rent and who you rent to.
    There are slumlords and slumtents. There are great landlords and great tenants.

  3. I have had great experiences with rentals in provence/langdoc. After renting two houses through another site, I now return each summer to a house I found through Abritel.com. The house was exactly as advertised, and the owner (who lives in Paris and rarely uses the house herself) couldn't be nicer. The people who take care of the house have become good friends, and I can't wait to see them this summer...8 days and counting!



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