Friday, April 17, 2020

20 More French Instagrammers to Follow

Every day, I hear from at least one friend somewhere in the world, asking how it's going under lock down in France. My short answer is pas mal...not bad!..and the perfect weather has played a big part. A few days ago, President Macron announced he's extending the current stay-at-home rules until May 11. Then, certain businesses will begin to re-open and others (such as hotels and restaurants), will follow at some point. It's all very wait-and-see but you can learn more in English in the Guardian and on From what I've seen here in Provence, most people are taking the rules seriously and have been very compliant. I've been jotting down some thoughts about my experiences this past month (our lock down started March 17) and plan to share those in another blog post soon. But one of the many things I've enjoyed during this chapter is having had more time to read, both online and off, and time to play around a bit more on sites I love such as Instagram.

Two years ago, I published a post called 20 French Instagrammers to FollowI hope you found (or will find) some fun accounts there to enjoy.  (A few of them have since disappeared so I've just deleted them from my original post.) And since IG has become so wildly popular (one source says that as of July 2019, there were more than 16 million Instagram users in France, roughly 1/4 of the population!), it feels like it's time for an update. So here are 20 more people to follow. Some are posting images about isolation, community or healing...others are just putting up crazy-pretty pictures of France. There's food, fashion, flowers, fine art, illustration and more.

It was super hard to choose just 20! If I missed you in this roundup--or missed an account you love--please share the link or the account name as a comment at the bottom of this post. #RestezChezVous, stay safe and let's stay connected!