Thursday, October 28, 2021

Want To Talk About It?

Periodically people ask me where they can get counselling in Provence in’s not so easy to find. So when I come across someone really good who does just that, I’m very happy to share the info.

After training and then working as a therapist in London for four years, my friend Jitesh Odedra has officially hung out his counselling shingle in Tarascon.  

Since moving from London to Provence in 2015, Jitesh has done a variety of jobs including teaching English and consulting to the European Union on their Erasmus Program.

Last year, however, he realized he really missed the intimacy of the work--and saw how Covid amplified a need for therapy--so he decided to update his certification so he could practice here in France.

I did some sessions with Jitesh early this year and found them extremely rewarding.  

Jitesh practices “humanistic counselling” which has developed over the past 60 years within the larger field of professional psychology. 

“The focus is predominantly on the individual’s unique story and their potential to explore,” he says. “It includes self-learning, creativity, acceptance and empathy. My goal is to create a space that’s non-judgmental, supportive and understanding, in a setting that’s always safe and confidential.”

Above all, humanistic counselling adheres to the belief that the client has vast resources for self-understanding, for altering their attitudes and for putting new more-constructive behaviors in place.

“The approach focuses on you and your world,” Jitesh continues, “and provides an empathetic, attentive and accepting space in which you can explore the past, present and future, instead of concentrating on one specific period of time. I believe that our stories, memories and feelings are a good starting point. Therapy enables one to change focus and navigate life in a different direction. Culture and cultural differences make this journey richer and more challenging."

Jitesh works in English and in French, in person and online, for individuals, couples and families of all nationalities. His bright, pretty office in Tarascon is located in a renovated priory adjacent to the Eglise Saint-Jacques, in the heart of the village. Personally, I love the guy and find him funny, insightful, discrete, compassionate and wise...and I think you would too.  You’ll find his bio, prices and other details on his website below. 

Jitesh Odedra
+33 (0)6 16 36 52 62
Ancien Presbytere de St Jacques
Place St Jacques (Rue Emile Zola)
Tarascon 13150