Thursday, September 25, 2008

Think of This Blog as a Bulletin Board

Bonjour! I'm hoping my new blog will be a great way to keep each other posted about things we experience and love here in our little corner of paradise.

I hope that when you discover a charming village, new restaurant, gorgeous hotel, unique shop, great-value wine or anything else worthwhile, you'll share the names with us. If you hear about an upcoming event that sounds like fun--an art show, concert, dance performance, truffle festival, whatever--please let me know so I can post it.

If you're looking to buy or sell something...if you know of groups that need volunteers...or interesting classes...or good deals...or a great beach...or a new business that needs our support...or anything that will make our lives here more meaningful or more me at:

As time passes, I'll see how this works and decide if it makes sense to continue. My dear friend Terry Kelleher got the ball rolling with his website; it served a great purpose and is definitely missed. Now I'm hoping I can take things to the next level and I really hope you'll all participate. All advice and comments welcome!

Finally, a big thank you to Ruth Phillips and Julian Merrow-Smith, my new best friends in the Vaucluse! They were complete strangers when I wrote them this morning to see if the name I had chosen for this blog (Postcards from Provence) was too similar to the name of Julian's blog and website (it's called Postcard from Provence and you see it at and if they'd prefer that I change it. I had barely hit send when they replied that I was welcome to use the name...but because they were so nice, I changed it. And then, of course, it turns out that we have friends in common and share food as a passion....and we're already trading restaurant tips. Julian's paintings are very beautiful and quite affordable; they're sold auction style. The pitcher and brioche at the top of this post are his...and I encourage you all to visit his site, which changes daily.

Best Wishes!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere Julie. It is fun, a great way to record your thoughts and share knowledge.
    Felicitation and I will add you to my Blog Roll.

  2. Tres tres COOL! How timely and just plain right. After all, who WOULDN'T rather be in Provence right now?! Your blog conveys me there.