Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I just happened on a wonderful new program called MeGlobe. (Register free at and choose a username and password.) It's basically a real time translator for instant messaging, which allows you to "chat" with people all over the world, in their own language. As you type, you'll see your original message as well as the translation of it, into the language of your choice. (There are many, including Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.) For anyone who needs to communicate with non-English speakers on a regular basis, this could be incredibly helpful. An English to French test run just showed fairly good and accurate long as you keep your original message somewhat simple. MeGlobe is still in Beta but try's fun and easy to use. Just remember that the person you're trying to reach needs to sign up as well. If you'd like to try it with me, my screename is juliemautner.

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  1. Love the blog, Jules -- and thanks for featuring me as your first shamless plug! Taco on!