Monday, September 5, 2011

An Irish Painter's View of Provence

Margaret Clayton was a late bloomer, at least in terms of her passion for painting. She took her first art class in 2005, at age 45.  When she, her husband John and their three kids decided to leave their home in Galway, Ireland, and spend a year in Provence, Margaret enrolled in oil painting classes at La Cour des Arts in St. Remy--a village which will forever associated with the paintings of Vincent van Gogh. 

Margaret's work that year was heavily influenced by the light and colors of the impressionist painters of that region, in particular the blues and greens of Paul Cezanne.

Now back at home in Ireland--and spending family vacations in St. Remy--Margaret draws her inspiration from the blues and greens of the Connemara coastline.

Margaret's first exhibition, called 'Galway Seascapes,' was on view at the Renzo Cafe in Galway from June 21st to August 15th. Of the 17 paintings on view, eleven were sold. The remaining paintings are available for purchase, in custom-made wood frames, hand-painted in Farrow & Ball Eggshell Off White. Prices range from 100€ to 200€, plus shipping. To see Margaret's work, click here. To buy from her line of lovely greeting cards, click here. To reach her directly:

Paintings, from top: Paysage Provence; St. Tropez; Provence Autumn Colours; Haute Provence, Autumn.

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  1. Margaret's work is so lovely. I'm glad to see so many of her paintings were sold. And I love that she was a late bloomer! When I was teaching art, I would tell my students, "You might not make art for a time during college or the beginnings of your life and careers. But when you are older, you can come back to it, as you would to an old friend." Margaret has a whole new life ahead of her as an artist, and how exciting that is. I wish her much success!