Friday, November 25, 2011

Rocky Top

Philippe Clairo was born in MegèveFrance and now lives in Calgary, Canada where he works as a video editor/photographer for clients such as Tourism Calgary and Nissan. Visiting his Dad in Montpellier last week, he took his stepson to see Les Baux and captured this wonderful image. "Les Baux is always peaceful in the low season and the view is breathtaking," he says. "But I had never been on the very top. So when I came across this view, I had to snap it! This shot is made from three exposures combined together to create a 'high dynamic range' image." If you want this as free wallpaper for your desktop, laptop, HDTV or mobile device,  you can download it here. You can see more of Philippe's gorgeous work on his Flickr page here and on his website here. And if you want to hire him, buy a print or just say bonjour, you can reach him at


  1. Nice post..

    Fun to see someone who sees a bit like I do...


  2. Beautiful shot! I'm writing to say how excited I am! I just read an email I received from you a while back that announced that I had won your givaway for the Monet book! I can't believe it; I never win anything! Thank you so much Julie!! He's my favorite painter. Such an isnspiration! So glad I found your blog:) Jennifer

  3. What a gorgeous shot!! Just love it... The 'high dynamic range' intrigues me.. must check it all out..

    Just popped over from Jennifer's blog.. Have a great day.. ciao Julie

  4. Great shot!
    Looking very gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing this post.