Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You Want Foie Gras with That?

The fast-food chain Quick will offer low-priced foie gras burgers in France as a pre-Christmas special.  The “Supreme Foie Gras” is 5€ ($6.57, £4.20) and will be available at more than 340 Quick outlets across France from December 17 to 19. The sandwich contains beef, relish, lettuce and duck foie gras; Quick said the foie gras will be in slices but the photo they've released shows little (not so appealing) cubes. The Supreme Foie Gras has 672 calories compared to the standard burger's 633.  "We want to give our clients great taste at cheap prices and give them the possibility to party a little ahead of time," Quick's 's marketing director Laurent Niewolinski told Reuters. Foie gras  comes from the liver of force-fed ducks or geese; activists denounce the practice as cruel, saying the process causes the animals enormous suffering. Foie gras is, of course, a traditional dish in French cuisine and a particular delicacy at Christmas. To compete with McDonald's, Quick's strategy includes offering unusual burgers, like this one, on a short term basis. Earlier this year, the company sparked a debate in France by opening Halal-only outlets and releasing a Halal version of one of its burgers--replacing the bacon with turkey--in some of its other stores.


  1. I just saw something about the foie gras burger yesterday -isn't France something? Of course, last year at Christmas, I was out of bread, crackers, or anything like that, and X and I ate our foie gras on Pringles...not bad, either.

  2. Le pire! The worst of the worst! Cant think of anything more revolting!I make a great chicken live pate and no chicken suffered! (Well no more than usual)

  3. Oh, that's funny. I wouldn't eat one there, but I may try something similar here at home. I love foie gras in any form!!!

  4. Quick's foie gras burger doesn't look all that great. But I have had some wonderful burgers with foie gras. Unfortunately, here in California, we are on a countdown to a time soon when it will be illegal to produce or sell foie gras in the state. Maybe, I will have to move to Sablet permanently when that occurs.

  5. Julie I adore Fois Gras....with a burger, no!! Now you have made me think about keeping it out of my specialty diet completely!

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  6. What a contradiction... Oui foie gras! Non, not on a Quick burger, or any other fast food please! It's just... wrong. Sad too.

  7. Had my first and last Quick burger (are your sure there is real meat in these things) at the Nice airport. However, I did have an astounding burger with fois gras in my USA hometown. Quelle surprise!


    Foie Gras is a horrific example of animal abuse at it's worst.
    Please read.
    Thank you!